The Adventure

The Adventure

This is a journey about life and living, life and what makes it special.  My goal is to expose you to good food, in a sustainable manner, and good company.  This is the new home for Bread! and More! where you will find blogs, commentary, recipes, photos and most risque, opinions.  It won't always be about food, but other topics that I write on that may involve nature, sailing, history/archaeology and life on the Rideau.  In the end, it still does come back to food:  It is the basis of life.  It makes all things possible. 

We get to visit my favourite places, try some of my favourite restaurants, and visit in some truly wonderful, out of the way shops.  Eastern Ontario has some fantastic things to see and do, and I hope to be your guide.  Along the way, we'll make some bread or soups in my classes, discover the thrills of cooking on a Japanese style Kamado cooker, visit other countries through homemade foods not often done.  It may involve a boat ride or two, a tour here and there, and just plain roaming the area.  I hope you will join me as we travel, and eat, our way through the rivers, farms, and countryside.  Buon viaggio! 

About Chef Sue:  Background

I have been baking and cooking since I first wandered into a kitchen at age 8.  Food has always fascinated me, and in my travels, have enjoyed the cuisines of Italy, Spain, the US, Canada and England.  A past convivium vice-leader of Slow Food Canada, am currently reading Carlo Petrini in the original Italian.  

Education and Interests: 

In 2012, received the Certificate In Sustainable Food with Distinction from St. Lawrence College, which provided a much greater understanding of food systems used today.  Also, I have a BA in Anthropology and minor in archaeology, honours level.  My cookbook library has a few thousand volumes, almost all read, and always on the look out for more.  Currently I live in Rideau Lakes Township, Lombardy, ON, with my husband Bob on Big Rideau Lake.  In the summer, the tomato garden gets my daily attention, as well as other gardening projects. 


I love to volunteer at a local community kitchen, The Table, in Perth, ON.  We all have a great time preparing meals for seniors, the less fortunate, students, young families, in fact, anyone who needs a healthy, cooked meal.  This summer we are planning a new summer/outdoor kitchen where produce from The Table's gardens will be prepared once a month.